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Nova 3


A small addition to the Nova line was introduced this week.  Due to an issue with the stockings, it took me even longer to release the sets.  So... I choose to make different sets instead!

The first includes stockings & gloves, while the other includes the matching top and panties. This way, you can buy the gloves & stockings for both Nova sets 1 & 2.

Nova 3 - colorful sheer latex sets

This release includes some new colors:  pink, purple and green.  I'll soon update the Nova 1 & 2 series to feature these colors too.

The Blog has undergone some minor changes lately.  I've added a few pages to offer some extra info which I will complete as soon as I can.

As you can see in the picture, these sets are worn over a sheer latex catsuit.  This one has been released with two different options:  one with a so-called 'hard shine' (shown in the picture) and there's also a version featuring a softer shine.  Come in world to check it out for yourself!

I really hope to be back with new stuff soon!  Take care!!

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace

New release: Carbon


Ello again!  Thursday was a good, productive day.  I finally managed to send out the release notecard to the HD and Vain groups.  Well,  I didn't send it out was my trusted store manager, Bianka, who did it for me.  I intended to send the notices out earlier but, of course, things did not go as planned.  However, when we tried to send out the FashCon notice, the grid decided to go belly-up.  So we decided to try again, next Sunday... (fingers crossed)

This time around, I have three new latex sets, all with a similar, new twist:  Carbon!  I've used a carbon fiber trim texture in all of the sets (not much, but hey... it's there!)  The sets are a special version of the Astra corset,  a new body suit (with or without pants) and a Lingerie set which includes a small waist-cincher corset (a smaller version of the Astra corset)...

Latex clothing with a Carbon Fiber texture

I'm also working on an update to the catsuits I already have in the store.  The black cat 25% sheer (see my last post) are already out and available.  If you already have the original version of the cat black or the cat 20% sheer, there is no real need to upgrade.  I just wanted to complete the range of my catsuits by releasing them in all of Hugo's Design's colors; in all three variations - cat 1, 2 and 3, too.

Minor updates on this website: I noticed the old store's SLurl was still in my links.  So I've updated it.  And the OnRez store closed.  I'll miss that website...

Who knows...see you soon!

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace

New corporate style


After way too much time spent editing and photoshopping, I’m proud to finally present my new coporate rebranding on my blog!

As you can see, I’ve changed to scheme from dark tones to light colors. Then there’s our new logo and the selected fonts.  The new vendor designs are ready too and, if you’re in-world and visit my store, you’ll see the vendors with the new design. I’m curious about what you think and would love to hear your feedback!

New designs

Yeah..’new designs’ is kind of a recurring theme on my blog.  Especially when new designs have been released too!  Well, officially, they’ll come-out next Thursday but among the new items (there are a lot this time) is one that a lot of people have been asking and waiting for for a long time.

Please welcome my new range of Hugo’s Design skins.  Yes, they’re FINALLY here!

There are 3 different styles - hooded latex, a catwoman-style latex hood and a good, old-fashioned plain skin.  Each style is available in 4 skin tones (white/goth, pale, tan and dark tan).  Expect more new colors soon - including a sheer latex version!

New latex catsuits

More new designs

The black latex hoods aren't the only designs that I've finished. The Nienna dress is finally in store now too.  As are my new range of catsuits:  cats 1, 2 and 3  (in both solid black and 25% sheer, with more to follow!).

The Nova 2 body suit is introduced as well.  Available in all the Nova colors as well as solid black.

Sheer latex catsuit, and the Nova 2 latex body suit

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace

Product updates


In my previous post, I mentioned our new corporate style almost being finished.  The new corporate style will also mean a small facelift for the main store.  It won't be a big update - more a kind of finishing touch!  The store itself will be getting bigger soon, too, since I have so many new products on the way.  I think I'll expand the store in small steps, just so you know.

New products

Yes, new latex clothing!  There are some completely new products and some old favourites being released in new colors.  I'll release more items in more colors in the near future since people have asked me for them.

This week the infamous Ilya sets will make their appearance in white latex & lace!

The white latex Ilya sets

Another set making its debut in a new color will be the Kali corset in black/red glow.

Another new set is the Nienna dress.

The black/red glow Kali (left) and Nienna Sheer (right) sets

There will be more rubber, but I think that will be next week.

Till then, take care!

Update: Nienna will be released next week...

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace



Well… shopping at Hugo’s design will never be dull, but there is some stuff to be excited about!

First thing is the new freebies that can be found in the main store. These are little hearts which can be worn as a  full outfit *grin* or as an adition to other (Hugo) sets that you own. These hearts are available in the hugo set colors and will probably be available in other colors soon too. The sets are totally free and are the perfect Valentine’s day gift! (They’ll stay for sale after V’day too…) Here is a picture of the new items in the main store.

freebie hearts freebie hearts

And then there is other great news! As you can see in the picture, Hugo’s design is going to have a brand new crisp corporate style! This style will be used in the new Vendor designs, the store itself and this blog. Professional designers have designed a new logo and are now busy working on the blog design which will soon be released too. I choose to work with others to design the new style. I did this to have new insights resulting in a fresh and funky appearence of the Hugo’s design brand. Next to that I choose to update the store in a slow pace, simply because I don’t have more time…

New products and updates are well on the way so be sure to check this blog from time to time!

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace