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New Release : Nala


Hello everyone! Deirdre here once again, with a wonderful new release by Hugo's : a cool fishnet bodysuit called Nala.

Here's Bianka's description :

You thought we were done with fishnet?  Ha!

An awesome bodysuit, covering you from head-to-toe in fabulous sheer fishnet latex.

OK, not quite 100% complete coverage - there's an open panel all down the front and the back, held together by the merest of latex straps.

As standard with Mr H's creations, it comes in both Open or Closed varieties and features fingerless fishnet gloves or, if you prefer, solid latex gloves & stockings in the matching colour.

Head to the SL Fetish Fashion Blog for more pics and our review!

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace

New Release : Chain, Mila, Xani


Hello faithful Hugo's fans - Deirdre here once again with a wagonful of new releases, and Bianka's awesome descriptions.

This is exactly what it says on the tin.  So revealing, it almost isn't there. Panties and a "top" made out of...well....chains.  That's all.   The Top, underscrores your bust while running up between them to a collar.  The Panties don't leave much to the imagination - a chain around the waist and one single, solitary chain runing down under, where the sun don't shine. But because Mr H never likes to leave a good idea alone, he's also included a set of black latex nipple pasties, plain stockings and a pair of gloves, covered in rivet details. Awesome on its own or the perfect accessory to any other outfit. It comes in all clothing layers too to mix n match however you like.

The first wholly new corset from Mr H for quite a while. Not only low-cut but REALLY wide-cut.  Almost a V-shaped opening in front, shoulderless & sleeveless it can be worn just as the buckled & strapped corset or as a complete outfit with the matching panties included. You also have the option of open or covered boobs as well as a pair of matching pasties, gloves & stockings.

I've saved the best till last!  This one's just OSSUM!! Following in the best HD tradition of Expo, Kitana & Star (amongst many others) comes the latest serious fetish ensemble. A full body suit - held together with lots of buckled straps and rivetted studs, Xani is open in all the right places with as many options are there are parts to it.  Open or closed-fronted with a square-cut mid-section merges down into chaps-like belted bottoms.  In back, it's open  from neck to butt, which is fully on show!  You also have the choice of wearing it open or closed crotch.  Optional gloves & stockings come as standard, too. There's so much to it, I can't really do it justice.  Just look at the pic already!

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace

New Release - Ellen


Hello faithful readers, Deirdre here with the latest release, a sweet simple little number called Ellen.

Here's what Bianka had to say :

"A midriff-revealing, corset-style top with rivet studs in front, an open back and low-cut front which makes your cleavage proud to be alive!  Matching long hipster pants with belt detail - all available in all clothing layers."

She should work in fashion ;)

More pics at the SL Fetish Fashion Blog, naturally.

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace

Party At Rubber Room!


Hey everyone, Deirdre here again - with a party announcement!

Hugo's is hosting a party at the Rubber Room on Friday April 2nd, from 2 to 4PM SL time.

Live DJ, gift certificates, and prizes for the best in latex.. don't miss it!

(I covered the Rubber Room in the Fetish Fashion blog, so have a peek if you want more info.)


New Release : Ruri


Hi everyone, Deirdre again. Just a quickie today, a few good pics and the press release text :

Ruri - A devilish little cheerleader-style outfit with full prim flexi-mini-shirt!

A cut-off top revealing just the right amount of cleavage, subtle contrasting buckled straps, matching gloves and stockings all topped-off with a fabulous sculpty-belted, flexi-prim, mini skirt.

Astute readers will recognize Dixie Halfpint on half those pics.. congratulations, Dixie!