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Femdom Day 2010


Hi everyone, Deirdre here again, with the latest Hugo's news!

We will be taking part in the FEMDOM Network's 2nd Anniversary.

Join us Sunday March 7th for an exciting fashion show at 11AM, SL time.

After the show, a Charity Auction for Pro Mujer will follow, featuring all the outfits from the runway.

Here's the SLURL:

To sum up:

Sunday March 7th, 2010 Femdom Day Fashion Show: 11AM to noon, SL time Auction: Noon to 5PM, SL time


New release : Suba


Hello everyone, Deirdre here again!

With the cover model contest over (and congratulations to Dixie Halfpint!), we can resume the normal posts.

A new release today, the Suba harness. A lovely thing of delicate straps and O rings, perfect alone or worn over a catsuit (click here to see an example of the latter).

Suba is available in Baby Pink, Hard Pink, Purple, Red, White and Black.

Model Contest : Finale Coming Up!


The end is near!

After months of searching, the model contest finale is in sight: Friday January 29th, at 3PM, SL time!

Join us for what should be a fantastic fetish event, and see who will win the coveted title of Hugo's Design Cover Model... this is better than reality TV!


Deirdre & lelo

Model Contest - December 2009 Winners


And finally, the December 2009 winners :

Antanasia Vlodovic :
Justme Unsworth :
Tonya Coppola :

Deirdre & lelo

Model Contest - November 2009 Winners


We'll be adding more of the winners this week... don't blink! ;)

Here are the November 2009 winners :

Dixie Halfpint :
Layla Lalonde :
Marlo Kline :

Deirdre & lelo