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New stuff


Summer has gone and so we go indoors, time to virtual :) I finally have time to get cracking and there's a whole lot of new stuff coming your way. This time we're going to do things a little different: there have been some questions if it was possible to buy items individual... that way you can buy items separate and jou don't have to buy a complete set at once!

The new collection we are working on goes by the name Jessy and in the pictue below you can see a combination being worn. It's a combination made out different parts: Jessy corset, stockings and gloves. Under that is the Lora body suit and the Eos garters and also the Eos neck corset. As always: we're working on these items to have them in store asap. 

See you soon :)

Supported mesh and the pre-release program


Hey shiny friends, it has been a while and so it is time for an update! Three things to talk about so let me get going!

Supported meshes

As most of you (may not) know, HD's latest creation is on the horizon (more about that below). Mesh-wise is was a fun challenge, I learnt a lot and will keep improving my mesh skills. However, fitting-wise it was less fun. Using blender and Avastar, rigging and fitting works or it doesn't. I've been struggling with fitting gloves... and I have not yet figured it out (especially fingerless gloves are a drama). 
The new Avastar has been released and it works like a charm! Except for Belleza meshes... And so, for now, I have decided to drop support for Venus and Isis. I will keep supporting Freya for the time being. 

HD Pre-release

When I build something new, the Maitreya version is usually finished first. From then on it takes a looooong time before all the other versions are fitted / rigged. This led me to the idea to open a special section in the store where new sets and / or parts can be bought as Maitreya only. This will give me insight to what is most popular and so which set needs full mesh-body-support first. Sets that were bought as Maitreya only can later on be updated!

Expo 2k18 body suit in black with dark red trim

Expo 2k19

As mentioned before, there's a new set on the horizon and that is Expo 2k19. It is a remake of the Expo 2k13 set. Finally you can decide what color you want to wear it or what color combination! We're working hard to get this set in store and when it is, there will be a few expansions available for it too! (a garterstrap expansion and neck-corset. Later on there may be a separate Expo corset out which can be combined with other outfits). Keep an eye out for this release... you know you want this!

More mesh in store


Hey there, it (again) has been a while :) Life on this blog is slow, however in-world it is not. We just released the 'Ilana open set' and first response has been good! We have fun making mesh and while especially adapting and rigging to 8 different bodies takes up more time than we'd like to, there's a stack of new designs waiting to be released into the wild. There's some more Ilana additions up our sleeve and then it's time for other collections! 

Combination of Eos and Ilana parts!

Eos nearly finshed... what's next?


Since our beloved Eos line was introduced, many have bought the items and also many asked us... What's next? Well the Eos collection is almost finished, we're planning one or two more separate new small items, maybe some separate items like gloves and / or stockings and then Eos is done. 

Time for new collections! We're planning the Ilana collection for some straight forward yet stylish items for you to wear and combine with other itms. Next to that collection there'll be other stuff out soon too (like the gloves and corset in this picture!)

We're working as fast as we can to get everything in store, visit us regularly and keep your eye on the update notices ;)

Coming up - more mesh :)


Alrighty, almost... but not just yet. I hoped to be able to announce the third Eos set this weekend, however it took a little more work than we thought to get everything together. What we can guarantee you is that pretty soon, you will find the third set in store. The hud is updated as well and in the upcoming weeks the updates will also be available for the body set and the corset.

What is coming? Well, the third set is a complete set as well, but you can also combine it with... for instance: the corset. Here's what the set looks like:

The set will also sport a cool new feature which some will love and other will... not... Adjustable glow (you can set it separate for any part, like the trim...) and full bright can be switched on / off. How does that look? Well...


Pretty cool eh? We're still working on other items (neck corset almost finished) and much more! And yes, demo's I know... we're working on those as well!