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Mesh stuff


The last year and now still, Second Life is rapidly changing where it comes not only to building, but also to avatar apparel. Mesh enables builders to build incredibly detailed objects, and this is starting to affect avatar apparel in a big way. Basically every body part can be replaced by a mesh object and right now that is just what is happening. Where I really had to warm up to the idea of mesh boobs, now hands, feet, even a head can be replaced by mesh versions. as the first prim breasts just didn't look good enough (imho too big and bulky), this changed when Lola Tango mesh got introduced.

When I found out that textures created for the Lola Tango mesh boobs showed in full 1024 x 1024 pixel resolution, I got interested. Up until then designing basic clothing for an avatar had it's limitations, especially on the problem areas like the breast(s) and between the avatar legs. Textures get twisted and stretched around these areas and detailing possibilities there were very limited. (Aside from the fact that avatar clothing textures are automatically scaled down to 512 x 512 pixels anyway!) Sure, the Lola Tango boobs can't be seen as realistic, but luckily that is not the only brand for sale in Second Life. A more realistic pair of mesh breasts is available from Lush (and yes, the appliers built for Lola tango breasts work on Lush too!). I personally like the Lola Tango's since they seem to fit the fetish style of my designs... or at least that is what I think. There is a new set of Lola's out there called 'Mirage', which is more of a push up shape. The menu of those is a delight compared to the standard set! The ones that have an old Tango set should have received an updated set by now.

Something that was released recently was a mesh replacement for the lower part of the avatar, called 'Phat azz'. The name basically says it all :) It has a pants and underpants layer and works the same as the mesh breasts: with clothing appliers. I do have some reservations when it comes to the shape (the ass is a bit big and wide for my personal taste) but the upside here too is that clothing textures are rendered in 1024 x 1024 pixels! I've always created textures in this resolution so when applier creation for this set starts, the pants will look a *lot* better and more detailed.

The only downside of all of this is that creating appliers for all these mesh body parts takes time and makes it incredibly time consuming to create a complete set. Creating the appliers (as HUD's like I do) takes so much time that creating a complete set in all colors has at least doubled in time.

New website


Yes, that is right! a whole new website!!! Second Life is only a small time job I have (or hobby if you will) which I fill my evenings with. I own a webdevelopment company and so I decided to use knowledge to good use and build Hugo's Design a new website. As with all pet projects, it took some time (and then some more time) before it got into a shape where I dared think about publishing it (and so replacing the current website).

As you may notice, this website has a bit more functionality and I'm still not finished (yet). Here's a quick overview on what to find here, what not and what is still to come (if time permits...)

New stuff

  • photo's: it was a long time goal of mine to be able to add multiple pictures of one set (or set combination) to the website. This way it's easier to show the different combinations and styles to wear and bring some more attention to the HD brand outside of SL.
  • Pic of the day: Even more pictures, this time a take out of the sets which I really like. Sometimes you'll be able to find early prototypes here too.
  • Links: over time I'll place banners here to other related blogs and / or brands in SL
  • FAQ: some frequently asked questions can be found here including an answer

Stuff you already knew

  • blog / news: I know, I'm not the most regular poster, but I try :) 
  • small stuff like links to SL and the marketplace, twitter messages and the latest Flickr update.

Stuff not yet there

  • products: still under development (nearly finished), but products will show you the latest releases and maybe over time I'll add the older sets here too, making it into a catalog on what's for sale in SL (the HD store and marketplace).
  • The new CMS enables me to create different image styles and I want to create new wallpapers through that so those can return on the website for download once again!

Anything left out you want to see here, let me know!

update (02-10-2013): yes, it is true: this website is non-responsive... it's on the wish list :)

Hugo's Design on SL Marketplace



Just a quicky to let you know that our SL Marketplace store has moved.

Don't panic, though.  Nothing else has changed and it's still the best and easiest place to find all our lovely latex, including our new, and rapidly expanding, range of Lola's Tango Appliers.

The old store is now closed, except for a link taking you to the new place, which you can find here:

Hugo's Design on SL Marketplace.

(Don't forget to activate your Adult & Mature settings option so you don't miss a thing.)

Have fun and happy shopping!




While I'm busy preparing new sets for Lola Mesh support, I'm also looking at the catsuits... Over the years the classic catsuit has not changed much, however... The tattoo layer came along, Hugo's design expanded it's color range and now the impants slowly start to look (more... somewhat big, but more) realistic. Apart from that, my photoshop skills have improved too...

Some of the catsuits for sale now still lack tattoo layers, and so it's time for an overhaul. I'll update the sets asap. (Which means they'll certainly be ready by this time next year hehe). Here's two examples for the shine on the suits (the classic one in the first pic and the 'hard shine' version the second). There is a third one which I'm still testing. A pic of that one will be here soon!

Catsuit 2 - classic Catsuit 2 - classic
Catsuit 1 - hard shine Catsuit 1 - hard shine

And an update: here is catsuit version 3. It's an updated version of the classic catsuit. I think it's my favorite one...

Catsuit 3 - classic update Catsuit 3 - classic update


A new special and transparency


While it's still work in progress, here's an early preview of the new specials I'll have in-store ASAP. I'm still working on the finer details but this project is called 'Good Cop, Bad Cop', and you can see why...

I've had some requests along the way for uniforms and, as I don't have enough time to do custom work (sorry!), I've always been forced to decline these requests. That's not to say that I won't give a spin to a special set or a uniform once in a while, though! What's actually the good or the bad cop is for you to decide once both outfits are ready.

On a side note: I do have to say that I love the full perm mesh designers who produce such wonderful ideas. The hat featured in the photo, for instance, comes from 'N&T designs' by Natasa Rozensztock. I really can go wild texturing it!

Good cop or bad cop? Good cop or bad cop?

While working with the Lola's Tango Mesh implants which recently went on sale, I came across a problem. It appeared while wearing hair that partially falls over the chest (and thereby over the Lola Tango implants) when the hair texture 'overrides' the applier texture and results in the applier texture not being shown where the textures meet. This isn't helped by the fact that the hair texture in that area is transparent, too, and creates a 'gap', and it makes no difference which applier clothing layer (top or bra layer) is used or which texture has the most transparent parts - it will be 'lost' and thus not shown.

This problem will cause one applier to work while another won't. This is not due to 'faulty' hair or anthing to do with the implant texture: it's a because of the SL rendering engine and possibly may have to do with using .png files, but there's no way I'll revert to using the extremely elaborate .tga format, so... So stay tuned for a whole host of new designs featuring Lola's Tango appliers and other updates from Hugo's Design!