Mesh design

Progress is slow... however, it's there! The first item is there but there's still a whole (mesh design) world I need to conquer. The picture here shows the mesh top I created when viewed with the materials viewer. It took me a little while to (actually find and) tweak the new settings. It's too bad materials aren't a default setting in the viewer... stuff simply looks amazing. As you can see in the picture, the shinyness / light reflection is dynamically generated (which means that it actually changes while the avatar (and / or the camera) moves. 

Most people will not have materials viewing enabled (it's the 'advanced lighting model' option in your advanced gfx settings) because you'll need some real gfx power for it... and so I will have to bake the shiny pattern into the textures... An option could be selling the items with- and without materials support as this option is bound to be standard somewhere in the future... 

Liquid mesh or standard sizes?

Another thing I'm still not sure about is the liquid mesh or standard sizes option. While Standard sizes limit the user in his or her freedom to fully adjust the avatar's shape liquid mesh is not officially supported by Linden Labs (which could mean that it will not be supported anymore in the (near) future)... Well, there still is some time before my first mesh items will hit the shelves, so who knows... Maybe a solution will present itself before then.