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New Release : Nexa 2 and Nexa Corset


Hello Hugo addicts! Deirdre here coming at you a little late with Erik's latest release - I plead Real Life Interruptions ;)  Here's Bianka's description :

Again, more buckles, clasps and studs, this time on a two-color bra-top which comes in a choice of open or closed boobs.  Nexa 2 comes with TWO options for what you wear on your bottom:  open or closed front thonged panties and/or a pair of two-color, skin-tight latex chaps. Both can be worn individually or together.

But we're not finished just yet!

To top-off this little ensemble we're giving you a long-sleeved shawl to wear over your shoulders and keep (admittedly small parts of) you warm as we descend into Autumn.

As ever, there's also a pair of matching gloves and stockings.

Nexa Corset

A complimentary addition to the Nexa range, this two-colored corset-cum-waist cincher is buckle-closed in front and has contrasting colored side panels AND comes in open or closed boob versions and in all clothing layers.

As ever, you can see more pics at the SL Fetish Fashion Blog.

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace

New Release : Nexa 1


Hello dear Hugo fans! Deirdre here with the latest release, a skimpy, sci-fi-y outfit called Nexa 1 :

Here's Bianka's description :

A lovely new variation on a very skimpy latex body.  V-straps up & under the butt, O-panels up the front to a high collar.

It comes with buckles, straps and studs as well as the option of open or closed boobs - a contrasting black bra-piece for your more modest moments.

It also comes with complementary gloves & stockings and all items in all clothing layers.

Drop by the Second Life Fetish Fashion Blog to see the Nexa 1 modeled by lelo and me (and more colors!)


The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace

New Release : Bound


Hello everyone.. Deirdre here with Erik's latest release, a cool strappy number called Bound. Here's Bianka's description :

Bound - Belt-Strap Harness Outfit This is so simple but so brilliant.  Broad belt-thickness straps from over your shoulders, between your boobs, round your waist and all down your legs.

The belts are buckled and riveted too.

It comes in all possible clothing layers, including a tattoo layer.

Lastly, we've thrown in a pair of pasties to keep your nipples warm this Autumn.

As always, you can drop by the SL Fetish Fashion Blog to see lelo modeling Bound.

But wait, there's more!

Erik's continuing to upgrade his existing lines, and this time it's the Full-Face Latex Hoods that get the v2 treatment. Here's Bianka again :

Part Three of our Viewer 2.0 Update brings you our Full-Face Latex Hoods.

For that as-close-as-possibly-totally-enclosed sensation, the Full-Face Hood leaves only the eyes, mouth & nostrils open.

And, because it's a Viewer 2.0 only item, you can combine it with your own skin preference. It includes 3 options: - Hood Only - Hood + Full Catsuit - Hood + Full Catsuit with Seams

As always, it comes in the full range of HD colors.

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace

New Release : V2 Open-Face Hood


Deirdre here again, with good news for Viewer 2 users! Here's Bianka's note :

Here's an update to one of our older items: the Open-Faced Hood for Viewer 2.0.

Not quite 100% total latex enclosure but not far off - all that's left exposed is the purdy face of YOUR OWN SKIN.

And you get 3 options to it:
  • Open-Face Hood Only (so the rest of your luscious body is all nudey)
  • Open-Face Hood with full Catsuit included (all on the same single layer)
  • Open-Face Hood with full Seamed Catsuit (again, all on the same single layer)

As with all HD goodness, it's ready to wear in all 6 of our colours: Hard Pink, Black, Red, Purple, White and Baby Pink

And, best till last, these are all just 395L each.

Please remember though, these can only be worn with a Viewer 2.0 compliant client - LL's Viewer 2.1, Imprudence, Emergence or even Emerald (for as long as it's able to log-in, anyway).

Older version viewers can see this item but they won't allow you to wear it.  So go upgrade already!

Don't forget that you can see Hugo's Designs on XStreetSL !

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace

New Release : Soli


Hello Hugo fans!  Deirdre here with the usual good news (One day I'll make a post in here that won't be about a new release, I promise!).

Introducing Soli, in the immortal prose of our dear Bianka Bookmite :

This week, Mr H is proud to present his latest creation, in the form of the oh-so naughty Soli.

It's a body.  But not as you know it.

A two-tone latex body, verrrrrrrry high cut over the hips, narrow under the gusset with an open panel running from navel to sternum.

Halter neck, by way of buckled & studded straps to a zippered neckpiece.

Oh yeah....did I forget to say that this item is open-boobed?  That's right.

Well, you *do* get a set of pasties for if you're ever on a less-than-adult sim, but they're strictly optional.

The back has a matching open panel with the same straps holding it all together, tapering down to a butt-flossing thong.

Options.  Well, you already know Mr H loves giving you option after option as default.  And Soli is no exception.

As always, this outfit comes in all clothing layers (including Viewer 2.0 tattoo layer) but it also comes with two colour options of gloves and stockings.

And as usual, if you want to see more pictures and colors, head to the SL Fetish Fashion Blog !

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace