New Release : V2 Open-Face Hood

Deirdre here again, with good news for Viewer 2 users! Here's Bianka's note :

Here's an update to one of our older items: the Open-Faced Hood for Viewer 2.0.

Not quite 100% total latex enclosure but not far off - all that's left exposed is the purdy face of YOUR OWN SKIN.

And you get 3 options to it:
  • Open-Face Hood Only (so the rest of your luscious body is all nudey)
  • Open-Face Hood with full Catsuit included (all on the same single layer)
  • Open-Face Hood with full Seamed Catsuit (again, all on the same single layer)

As with all HD goodness, it's ready to wear in all 6 of our colours: Hard Pink, Black, Red, Purple, White and Baby Pink

And, best till last, these are all just 395L each.

Please remember though, these can only be worn with a Viewer 2.0 compliant client - LL's Viewer 2.1, Imprudence, Emergence or even Emerald (for as long as it's able to log-in, anyway).

Older version viewers can see this item but they won't allow you to wear it.  So go upgrade already!

Don't forget that you can see Hugo's Designs on XStreetSL !

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace