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New black latex


Yay, three new sets finished. They will be in store this week. I'll do my best to add two more color versions of the Cilla set and I'll add a Vox sheer lace red too and who knows... maybe even more...

The new three sets are all body's and provide in different tastes. First is Akary, which looks a bit like the recently released Cilla set and is decorated with a chain and buckles. Second set is called 'Araya' and provides a sheer latex layer over a mesh on back and front. The third set: 'Amara' offers another sexy set with a zipper on the front. A taste for everyone! (hehe).

Akary latex body with buckles and chains

Akary latex body with buckles and chains

Akary latex body sheer latex and a mesh

Akary latex body sheer latex and a mesh

Amara black latex body with zipper

Amara black latex body with zipper

Adult content


Hi there, it took me a while to get an update up here again. RL kept me from being in-world much (what's new :)) and a new matter has rissen, more about that in the text below. There also were some new sets, which I will show here soon.

Some of you know, most of you have heard about it or not at all. Linden Labs is going to change Second life bij implementing an 'Adult content' filter. Click this link and this one to find out what it exactly means.

As a content creator of women's colthing with some sexy and exposing sets in my store I find myself in a grey area: Is my content 'mature' or 'adult'? When I censor the images of exposed body parts, it should be 'mature' but this will mean somehow blurring or covering up a lot of vendors with 'censored content' signs, making the store looking less attractive and making the shopping experience less fun. Yet I want to keep my store open for everyone mature since I also sell 'normal oufits'. Stupid thing is that there LL hasn't given clear guidelines on how to censor content... The date on the official blog postings is set to the end of June (this is the planned release date of viewer 1.23), and I don't think I'm the only one that needs some time to adjust...

Linden labs says that this has nothing to do with the involvement of real life companies and 'cleaning up' second life for a better image to the outside world. I don't think it that is the case. The way they go about it shows that they are going to implement it anyway and in a way they seem fit (it already has been built into the server software and the new viewer rc...), protest or other suggestions will have no effect and I wonder how much money investors have offered for a 'clean' second life...

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the plan itself, it is the way it is enforced that bugs me. Google has a safe-search filter standard enabled and I can disable it if I choose to. I don't have to send Google any credit card or payment information or prove to them in any way that I'm over 18. Why is Linden Labs doing so? (and even then, there is a standard enabled filter in the future SL-viewer too...)

I'll probably get back to this subject in future... Maybe it will all work out... and maybe it will turn into one big mess :) For now I'm redoing the vendor posters and waiting for some clearity from LL on the changes that are coming...

Store update


Hi everybody, here is a quick message to keep you up to date on what I am doing! At this moment RL  is busy as ever and I'm really happy to say my webdesign business is still going strong despite the economical winter we seem to be having. In-world things are still well too, so no complaints from me.

The new store entrance

The new store entrance

I have come across a little problem in the last two months... which is mostly a luxury problem: I've run out of shop space. The people who have visited my shop lately may have noticed that, even with the temporary extra wing built onto it, the store is filled up with sets to say the least. I therefore started construction on a store update. It will soon replace the current one and will have the same look and feel.

When I have sorted out this new shop stuff, I'll be back at the drawing board, designing new squeeky latex items. There still are some color redesigns waiting for me, and of course new designs too!

Nova 3


A small addition to the Nova line was introduced this week.  Due to an issue with the stockings, it took me even longer to release the sets.  So... I choose to make different sets instead!

The first includes stockings & gloves, while the other includes the matching top and panties. This way, you can buy the gloves & stockings for both Nova sets 1 & 2.

Nova 3 - colorful sheer latex sets

This release includes some new colors:  pink, purple and green.  I'll soon update the Nova 1 & 2 series to feature these colors too.

The Blog has undergone some minor changes lately.  I've added a few pages to offer some extra info which I will complete as soon as I can.

As you can see in the picture, these sets are worn over a sheer latex catsuit.  This one has been released with two different options:  one with a so-called 'hard shine' (shown in the picture) and there's also a version featuring a softer shine.  Come in world to check it out for yourself!

I really hope to be back with new stuff soon!  Take care!!

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace

New release: Carbon


Ello again!  Thursday was a good, productive day.  I finally managed to send out the release notecard to the HD and Vain groups.  Well,  I didn't send it out was my trusted store manager, Bianka, who did it for me.  I intended to send the notices out earlier but, of course, things did not go as planned.  However, when we tried to send out the FashCon notice, the grid decided to go belly-up.  So we decided to try again, next Sunday... (fingers crossed)

This time around, I have three new latex sets, all with a similar, new twist:  Carbon!  I've used a carbon fiber trim texture in all of the sets (not much, but hey... it's there!)  The sets are a special version of the Astra corset,  a new body suit (with or without pants) and a Lingerie set which includes a small waist-cincher corset (a smaller version of the Astra corset)...

Latex clothing with a Carbon Fiber texture

I'm also working on an update to the catsuits I already have in the store.  The black cat 25% sheer (see my last post) are already out and available.  If you already have the original version of the cat black or the cat 20% sheer, there is no real need to upgrade.  I just wanted to complete the range of my catsuits by releasing them in all of Hugo's Design's colors; in all three variations - cat 1, 2 and 3, too.

Minor updates on this website: I noticed the old store's SLurl was still in my links.  So I've updated it.  And the OnRez store closed.  I'll miss that website...

Who knows...see you soon!

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace