June updates

Hi everyone! Been some time again, and that had a reason! Last Thursday I updated the store with ten new sets(!) They weren't all unique.. But then still it wasn't easy to to get everything into the store. First of the sets is 'Star' A naughty and exposing set which consists of many items so you can wear it the way you like! Included are a top, garters, chaps etc... check out the picture! Next one is a set created from the fishnet / latex combination. (there is also a full catsuit in the same style!) The Araya set appeared in two new colors: white an pink. And last but not least, there is Kitana: a set that comes in four flavours, inlcuded are the pictures of the body set and the suit.

Before releasing any more new stuff I will be working on the store to mature-proof it for the Adult content changes... After that you will see new material in my store and of course on XstreetSL!

*HD* star - full latex set
*HD* Net suit, netting over latex
*HD* Kitana - black latex body
*HD* Kitana - black latex suit
*HD* Araya - pink latex body
*HD* Araya - white latex body

  The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace