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Model Contest - December 2009 Winners


And finally, the December 2009 winners :

Antanasia Vlodovic :
Justme Unsworth :
Tonya Coppola :

Deirdre & lelo

Model Contest - November 2009 Winners


We'll be adding more of the winners this week... don't blink! ;)

Here are the November 2009 winners :

Dixie Halfpint :
Layla Lalonde :
Marlo Kline :

Deirdre & lelo

Model Contest - October 2009 Winners


You may have heard by now that we've been searching for a cover model, to be featured in print, on vendors, and in fashion shows.

We've been running a contest for some months now, and three semi-finalists were chosen each month.

Here are the lovely ladies who won the October contest :

Kitten Krakauer :
Samy Firehawk :
Viktoria Brandenburg :

More to come very soon!

Deirdre & lelo

Hello from Deirdre and lelo



Hello everyone!

I'm Deirdre Young, and this is my sweetie, lelo Recreant.

You may have seen our blog, Second Life Fetish Fashion.

Erik is pretty busy making gorgeous new outfits, so we offered to give him a hand, keeping you up to date.

There is in fact a lot going on at Hugo's Design... come back soon for details!

Deirdre & lelo

New sets!


Hi there!  It's been a while again, hasn't it?  A long while.  Nevertheless, here I am again!

The past month has been increasingly busy, both in RL & SL.  So, some of you who spot me in-world, might not have seen me there in a while.  Also my Flickr account and twitter stream have been somewhat neglected. Any free time I have right now is spent solely on designing new items.

Unfortunately, because I'm always so busy,  I've (reluctantly) decided to completely stop making custom designs.  As always, if you have any questions, please direct them to either Vespa Bookmite or Bianka Bookmite.

Now for the good stuff!

What newness can you expect to see over the upcoming days/weeks/months? (no promises or hard deadlines there hehe).   Well first up is a set that has been recently released, which I personally love.  It actually isn't one single set - it's two different ones.  When you add the HD cat black 01 to the set, you get the lovely combination in the middle (as worn by Ellen).  Spectra 2 is seen on the left and Getti on the right)

Hugo's Design - Getti body and Spectra 2 corset Hugo's Design - Getti body and Spectra 2 corset

The next set was created some tme ago, along with the Araya sets, called Amina.  Back then, I didn't have enough time to finish them up, so I'm working on them right now!  Available soon as a body or suit; with an open version included too, so you can combine it with another catsuit.  Or wear it as it comes...

Hugo's Design - Amina body and suit Hugo's Design - Amina body and suit

Next is an, as-yet, unnamed nice, fetishy, black dress.  You can see a picture of it in-world at my main store as well as some of the satellite ones too.  It's almost there, I promise! (the boots are from Mesmerize Dungeon.  So go get a pair...they're worth it!)

Hugo's Design - black fetish dress with straps Hugo's Design - black fetish dress with straps

Already available for sale in black (the other colors need to be put out asap!) is the lovely Alex set. The jacket from this set goes sooooooo well with many other HD outfits!

Hugo's Design - Alex jacket and miniskirt Hugo's Design - Alex jacket and miniskirt

Next up is another unnamed new set which includes a top, gloves, stockings, chaps and a garter belt.  But that's not all, you can wear virtually any HD item under it.  It also works perfectly with the nova 3 sets! On the left you see the nova 3 combination, on the right a spacecat pink combination is made. In the middle the full set is shown.

Hugo's Design - new set with top, body and chaps Hugo's Design - new set with top, body and chaps

Last, but certainly not least, a set that's been in my head for a long time:  Deamon, the succesor to the Devil sets.  Again there's a top, chaps, panties, gloves and stockings included but, this time, it's been spiced up a little with the additionof some belts and straps!

Hugo's Design - Deamon stripper set Hugo's Design - Deamon dancer/stripper set

Well.. that's it for now.  I'm hoping to get all this in store quickly, and to post something new here a bit quicker than this time  (famous last words, I know).

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace