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Hugo's Angels: Bianka & Vespa Bookmite


Maybe you have seen the little section on the tol right of this website: Hugo's Angels. It's the name of the Flickr group you can join to add pictures of you wearing HD latex. There is, however, another meaning to the term Hugo's Angel. Hugo's Angels are the people in Second Life that make everything around Hugo's Design happen. Until now I only wrote a little piece about Ellen and then the page kind of gathered dust from then on... Well, not anymore *slams his fist on the table*. It is time to introduce the Angels and I will do so one at the time...

Bianka & Vespa Bookmite

Bianka has been around since I placed the first latex items in my store. When I moved the shop to Sheer, Bianka became my shop manager and still is. She keeps an eye on the shop, maintains all the small HD shops in malls acros Second Life. When you have a question, you can ask her (or her alt, Vespa Bookmite who's the blonde one). She tries to be on as much as possible.

Vespa Bookmite

Bianka Bookmite

Vespa Bookmite

Vespa Bookmite

One thing not many people know about Bianka is that she is a natural talent when it comes to Second Life photography, unfortunately she does not have a Flickr page...

(Later note added by Bianka: Yes she does, but nobody else gets to see it!)

more 'new' stuff


Last time I showed you the pieces of latex I was working on, and in fact am still working on... Sometimes I start working on something and go at it till it is in shop. But in most cases something starts, then I stop... begin again, change it again etc... etc... One set that has been hanging around in my desings-folders is this one:

design 116

design 116

Well... actually this is a combination of sets, it's not a full set. The chaps on it are from an laready released set, as was the corset. I recently picked up working on it and gave it a real number... nr. 116 In the pucture you see it on the left and the image I created using it on the right. The image can be found on Flickr. I'll probably release it soon.

Lola's predecessors

Lola's predecessors

Another set is this one. It may look familiar, because this is the base of the Lola dress. The suit is finished a little different. Still haven't decided if I'll put them into the shop... We'll see! More soon... I promise ;)

No latex release notice


Hi there! This - as you can see in the title - is not a release notice. I decided to take up blogging again. Before I start I want to thank Deirdre for updating the blog, sending you the latest updates in my store in SL!

As many of you know I'm a busy bee, working a lot in RL and trying to keep up with regular releasing new stuff in the store in SL. The year 2010 has been especially busy and was over before I knew it. Somewhere in 2010 I decided to cut back on the weekly releases and start releasing every two to three weeks. This still is the case...

design 123

design 123

What I want to do, whilst blogging more actively and by using twitter is letting you all know that I am not sitting still. I'm still designing and I'd like to use the blog to show all of you what I am doing at the moment... So... if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me by placing a comment. You can also contact me through twitter. The in the pic you see one of the sets I'm currently working on. And yes, it needs more detail ;)

My designs always have a name. This name is added to the set long after it has been finished and just before it is released. Until that moment, the design only has a number. This is design nr. 123 in development...

See you soon!

New Releases : Lexie 2 and Pris


Hello faithful Hugo fans! Deirdre Young here with your sexy latex fix.

Introducing two new releases this time : Lexie 2, a new version of last year's Lexie, and Pris, a strappy little thing.

Both outfits available in all the lovely Hugo colors you love.

Here are the pics :

Viewer 2 versions included, lots of layers and parts!

See the Second Life Fetish Fashion Blog for more pics and descriptions.

New Release : Suba 2


Hi everyone, Deirdre Young here with a nice new harness from Erik, the Suba 2 (and Suba Light). Here's Bianka :

You remember the original Suba, right?  Lots of straps and buckles all over but leaving nothing to the imagination?  Well, here's its big sister.

Studded strips of latex running everywhere - under, over and in-between, all held together by precisely placed O-rings.

Combined with built-in long-sleeved shawl and chaps, it'll keep your extremities a bit warmer this winter but still leaves the important bit on show.

Available in all clothing layers, including a Viewer 2.0 Tattoo layer, this set also includes matching pasties, gloves & stockings and comes in the whole HD spectrum of colours.

But wait, there's more! Introducing Suba Light :

Not to be hidden in the shadow of the Suba 2, the Suba Light maybe small but it makes up for that with attitude.


Sexy & simple: based on a bikini style but with 99% of a traditional bikini removed...just because we can and we know you like it.

Again, this comes in all clothing layers (and the Viewer 2.0 Tattoo layer) it also includes matching pasties, gloves & stockings and comes in all the HD colours.

Visit the Second Life Fetish Fashion Blog for more pictures and review, and remember, the Suba make great pony harnesses - visit the Pony Directory for more info.

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace