New release: Carbon

Ello again!  Thursday was a good, productive day.  I finally managed to send out the release notecard to the HD and Vain groups.  Well,  I didn't send it out was my trusted store manager, Bianka, who did it for me.  I intended to send the notices out earlier but, of course, things did not go as planned.  However, when we tried to send out the FashCon notice, the grid decided to go belly-up.  So we decided to try again, next Sunday... (fingers crossed)

This time around, I have three new latex sets, all with a similar, new twist:  Carbon!  I've used a carbon fiber trim texture in all of the sets (not much, but hey... it's there!)  The sets are a special version of the Astra corset,  a new body suit (with or without pants) and a Lingerie set which includes a small waist-cincher corset (a smaller version of the Astra corset)...

Latex clothing with a Carbon Fiber texture

I'm also working on an update to the catsuits I already have in the store.  The black cat 25% sheer (see my last post) are already out and available.  If you already have the original version of the cat black or the cat 20% sheer, there is no real need to upgrade.  I just wanted to complete the range of my catsuits by releasing them in all of Hugo's Design's colors; in all three variations - cat 1, 2 and 3, too.

Minor updates on this website: I noticed the old store's SLurl was still in my links.  So I've updated it.  And the OnRez store closed.  I'll miss that website...

Who knows...see you soon!

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace