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Latex shine


Ellen wearing one of my (still) nameless latex outfitsI have created some designs up until now that have not been finished. some of these designs are intended as latex outfits. Only thing I need right now is a good template of the latex-shine. I'm working on that, but it is nowhere near finished. In SL I came acros Nyoko's bodyoil which can be worn on your body, or even over your clothes. They give your avi this body oil shine. This 'oil' combined with one of the outfits I created earlier, makes look a bit more like I intended it to look...

New item, not finished


no title yet :)Just updated a new piece. It still needs some work, maybe a few extra textures... On the other hand, I like it like this, clean and sharp :) I'll see...

OnRez new SL-viewer


OnRez SL-viewerOnRez is planning to release a new Second Life viewer this week! According to the OnRez blog, this viewer will have a better user's experience, it will have a built in suite for OnRez services, give the user a better navigation in-world and will house an internal web browser.

This is good news for those who finds the current SL-viewer difficult to use. If this viewer delivers the same quality as the OnRez website is doing, this might be a potential hit for both SL-users, as SL merchants!

shop at Nedben


The shop at Nedben is currently being rebuilt by the land owner. I don't know when we can reopen our doors at that location. Until then you can always go to alternate locations to buy our products!

All set!


After a few days of configuring this blog (not finished yet) it is time to post a bit more serious message here. I haven't been in-world much lately due to RL things that take up most of my time. Same reason goes for the creation of new ideas or sets... This will be the case for the comming weeks too.

Then there is this website which is getting along quite nicely. Design is still not completely finished, and I have to see if the way the menu is structured will work out for me. The section 'new ideas' will disappear in time... I will post them here!

Ellen picture 1The section 'models' still needs some thinking too.. The main idea behind this is that occasionally I will have an avatar (not Ellen) show a set. The model/avatar then gets her section in 'models' which can be seen as a (little) portfolio with (some) information and extra images attached to it. This way someone who is interested in modeling will have an online portfolio and I will have a list of avatars to show the sets I create. I'm still looking into the format of that section...

Together with Truus I have rented shops in-world in which my creations up until now can be found. More about that in next posts!