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Real Life


looking at my site I noticed it has been a while since I posted something here. As my friends in-world already know, rl has consumed me almost completely at the moment. I still have images for my photo Flickr stream waiting for me to edit them and post them... And I still have a list of clothing items I want to put in store. I hope to get to those things soon! And for the photo's. I won't take on projects anymore. The time that people have to wait until I finish something is simply too long.

Then there is Second Life itself... The grid and the in-world services that seem to be very unreliable.  Somehow it amazes me that so many people still come back to second life (me included). For some SL offers the possibility be creative (like me) or even make dreams come true. On the other hand... If lets say my newspaper had some pages missing almost every day, I would stop my subscription within a week, even if there would be no other newspaper available.

Don't worry that I'll stop designing... I'm just getting really fed up with the fact that Linden labs seems to be unable to provide a stable grid and services for weeks now.

More Ava and Lucid


I installed the latest Second Life viewer update on my pc half an hour ago. I found out that what was previously called WindLight (atmospheric rendering), is now standard part of the viewer. If you don't like it (or if your computer, like mine, can't handle it), you can switch it off. I really love the atmospheric effects, but on the other hand, avatar photography looks better in the old viewer (in my opinion).

New sets! Yes there are a lot of new sets in store. some of them combinations of sets that were already for sale. here is a list of the new sets:

  • Ava 1.0 (black)
  • Ava 1.0 (black) - Lia combination
  • Ava 2.0 (black) - Lia combination
  • Cat black
  • Ava 1.0 (white) - Cat black
  • Lucid 3.0

A lot of Ava combinations :) and why do the version numbers have a '.0' notation? Well... I really don't know. There must have been some logic in that, but I've forgotten what it was... Since the black Ava 2.0 was such a success, I decided to make a black version of Ava 1.0 too. Same goes for the Ava 2.0 / 1.0 - Lia combinations. An image says more than a thousand words so here are the vendor posters:

Ava 1.0 - blackAva 1.0 (black) - Lia combination

Ava 2.0 (black) - Lia combinationCat - black

Ava 1.0 (white) - Cat blackLucid 3.0

I will also release a combination of Cat black and the Solar corset from the previous post in the near future. From this batch of items I am particularly pleased with the Cat-black latex cat suit and the Lucid 3.0 set, which are well... hot :)

Still more items are waiting to be released... So make sure to be back soon for more info... or subscribe to my feed...

Slow week


This short week (over here the second day of easter is a free day) went by extremely fast. I started releasing new products which I will name later... Next to that the only update on this website was the addition of the slurl to my in-world shop (thank you Karina for bringing it to my attention!) It had dissappeared from my site when I switched to the new blog design (and taking the rest of the old website offline...

Buying (and selling) items in Second Life right now is/was a big pain (items won't be delivered, transactions go stale, balance isn't updated or showing right)... This has resulted in almost no sales the last three days. I really hope Linden Labs is going to fix the problems soon (Like the broken contact list...)

Stellar black / pinkShirt - IrisThe corset: Solar

Items I managed to get into the store this week are: a version of the stellar corset (black pink combination). Number two is a new shirt called 'Iris' and number three is THE new corset 'Solar'. Some of you may remember the picture of the corset worn with a black cat suit underneath. That item will be in store this weekend! Check em out in-world or at onrez or slexchange!

New corsets finished


New corset impressionsFor those who follow my design-stream at Flickr this will be no surprise anymore. For the other visitors: I finished the new corsets! Woohoo! They turned pretty good if I may say so myself! The corset is available in two versions: one with belts on the side (same as the Stellar corset) and the other is available with a laced back. here is an impression...

They are almost in shop... As you can see in the picture the corset(s) can be combined with lots of clothing. I, however, want to create some nifty catsuits and tops/shirts specially to combine with this new item(s). So if you want to get your hands on it, you have to wait just a little longer...

In upcoming blog items I will also talk about other items in-world which I think are worth wile checking out... Not much, but there are some :)

Progress on the website


Slowly things are coming together. This is the new website design. It isn't completely finished, I will continue to work on it in the upcoming weeks... The old website is now completely offline... The product pages in the old website will return soon, in this new lay-out. The menu on the right is very empty now, it will be filled soon. Two main items you will be sure to see soon are 'photography' and something like 'fashion'. The first one for my Flickr photography and I will put the models section back here too. The fashion part of the website will show all my items witch are for sale with links to slexchange and onrez.

For those who like to know how all works... The blog is powered by wordpress which I built my own theme for. The rest of the website will be powered by Drupal. This is done because the blog was allready built in wordpress, and I didn't want to move all content. Drupal on the other hand, is better suited to handle the product catalogue you will see here in the near future...

Clothing news? There is some... New corsets are on the way, some new shirts and I'm working an lots more :) Subscribe to my blog and you'll know when you can stop by at my shop!