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new items


Lucid 1.0Last days have been a little hectic (for a change) and so it took me a while to update this blog... I had a little time left to finish three outfits which I had created earlier. The first two are basically created from the same idea. They are named 'Lucid 1.0' and 'Lucid 2.0'. Both sets are full bodysuits, made out of different layers to give them a special deep color and shine. Three version are included per set: a set which is open, a normal set and a a set with a print on the front (Lucid 2.0 has one on the back too). Lucid 2.0The versions with the prints look coolest (me thinks). Just click on the image on the right to get a bigger picture.

The third item is a combination set, it is the Ava white set combined with a bright red catsuit. This item is special, I noticed some people like it and some don't, there doesn't seem to be a way in between. This set will be released in other color catsuits too... I will also make Ava 2 packages and Ava 3 packages. Ava combinationAnd Ava 4 is on the way (when will it be finished?? could be tomorrow, could be in four weeks... haha) The way they look now, Ava 4 and 5 will look a bit more like bathing suits...

Next, I created... or am creating new templates which have a more 'glass like' look. You can see a preview here. The arms and back aren't finished yet and black / grey transparent are the only flavors available (grey transparent look HOT b.t.w.). The front of the legs still need some work too... Glass look testThe thumbnail has all naughty bits covered up for people who do not like to be confronted with nudity. When you click the thumbnail however, a larger uncensored version of the picture will pop up and.. ohlala.... The choice is yours.....

I also rented a new store in a shopping area which I'm decorating right now... I will let everyone know when it officially opens!

Hope to get new stuff out soon, and tell you about it here! Untill then, happy shopping!

Items mentioned above can be found at SL Marketplace and for those who want to buy it in-world, stop by at my shop!

website progress


Yes! All is going to plan. The new part of the website is almost finished. To you, dear visitor, all should look normal when I am finished. On the technique side of it all, a lot has changed. I've integrated the really cool Drupal CMS to make adding new items to this website a lot easier. (Yes I know... only a nerd or web designer will use the words 'cool' and 'cms' in one sentence...)

You can already get a preview if you follow this link. I can now tag my items too, so I can add materials and clothing types... If you want to look for a shirt, click 'shirt from the 'categories' menu. If you want to pick a material... Let's say... er... let me think here.... latex for instance... you can pick latex from the materials menu!

Stellar set 1Stellar set 2Stellar set 3

Speaking of which... here are three new items, available in-world and on onrez and slechange. The sets are three sets of the same set: Stellar. The first set contains the bikini set, second set contains the (awesome) very detailed corset and panties. The third set contains the corset and a pair of matching pants (and panties and gloves). The sets on these pictures are worn by the lovely model Tillie Ariantho.

And finally I managed to install a teleport device on the ground to the store!!! So, when you want to go to the store in-world, al you have to do is follow the SLurl!

Texture thieves


I would like to focus on a problem that has risen in SL. At this moment people, or better, thieves are stealing textures due to a bug in the sl-client software. These stolen textures (skins and clothing) are being resold in sl or handed out freely... The creators who have worked so hard and devoted all their time to make all these beautiful things see their work being reduced to freebies.

This weekend I learned that Emilia Redgrave (who has created high quality clothing and who I admire very much) will possibly leave sl because of this. I completely understand this... If I learn that my creations are ripped and resold or given away, I'd stop designing too...

stop texture thieves

You can let Linden Labs know this matters and has to stop. You can do this by voting for fixing this bug in LL's bug tracking system called Jira. You need to log in and then click on votes, to add yours. Here is the link:

Support SVC-676. Vote now

Website updates


As you may have noticed on the website, I haven't updated it lately. I'm currently looking at a way to incorporate some kind of tool to easilly update the items in the collection, and I have found it: Drupal CMS. It will however take me some time to figure it out completely, especially the graphic design of the system... And for the rest of the website... I noticed that some people somehow look over the main menu, and others who use it, look over the sub menu's.... A redesign will need to be made somewhere in the near future.

SparkOne more new item has been released: Spark (why use only female names, I figured... ) This is the first complete outfit with a shirt and a pair of pants (and a lovely pair of panties haha..) The set has a 'Trinity - Matrix' kind of look... I hope to get some more stuff done this weekend... We'll see :)

First items released


My first plan was to make all items and release them all at the same time. This, however, could take some time, especially with a very busy rl... So I altered my plan a little and decided to start selling finished items.

Ava 3.0The first items are online! First was Ava 3.0 which has been lying around from the time I designed the first Ava set (that is more then half a year now). Well, it is for sale, finally! All items are for sale in-world and on slexchange and onrez. Ava 3.0 is marked as 'adult content on sl-exchange, so enable mature content if you go shop there!

Demi - blueOther items which are already in shop is the shirt called 'Demi' and it is available in three colors (there may come a fourth one...) The shirt comes in a set with a pair of matching panties. I also designed a standard vendor lay-out of which only the colors will be different for types of clothing.

pricing and permissions

Until now, all items I released were 'copy'. I will change this into 'transfer' for all items and 'modify' for specific items (and I will also include this information on the vendor lay-out). Prices have been very low until now, and they will go up a little. Simple latex shirts will start at a price of L$ 245,- and for shirts or corsets with a lot of detail (belts, straps) it will go up to L$ 345,- A latex bodysuit in one color (top, bottom, gloves, stockings) will come at 295,- Complete outfits will start at L$ 495,- and will go up to L$ 895,- I will also release combination packages like the Ava 1.0 white set in combination with a colored latex bodysuit.

landmark to the shop

Since the shop is (still) situated in a skybox, a direct SLurl won't work. I will therefore create a tp-unit on the ground under the shop and post the SLurl to that on the website!