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Updates and setbacks...


The Hugo and vanDornan shop ground floorI bought a new plot! woohoo! The studio has it's own space now and the shop has two floors. On the top floor you can find Truus' products and 'downstairs' you can find my items. Minor drawback was fact that the shop and studio are built at 700 meters height... apparently a SLurl on this website will not bring you there... It will tp you to the ground below the shop. I think I'll build a tp unit on the ground to the shop. The lm to my studio in my profile will not bring you to my studio, but below it.. don't know why, i'll look into it...

The Hugo and vanDornan shop level 1Then.. the shop at Willow has been closed. Through this blog I would like to thank Eve for all his work and effort he put into it! The shops in which you can now buy our items are the main shop at tintafel and the shop at Lionheart (at this shop you can find an lm for the main shop which works!)

Then some news about this website. I finally have the model page up and running. For now only Ellen is on there, but others will soon follow... These will be persons who have posed for me for clothing (the sale signs which you can also find on this site) or just for fun. In their portfolio you can find the (special) pictures I've taken and some extra information.



As I already said to a lot of people: Second life offers so many ways for someone like me to be creative... I like to design and build my own house / studio / shop. I like to design clothing and I recently picked up photographing in SL again. At first there were the pictures of a model (usually Ellen) wearing the clothing...

Ellen and Ava wearing new shirts!Then I came across the SL community in Flickr and was amazed by the sometimes intriguing and beautiful photo's posted there. Seeing what some artists can do in and with second life got me curious as to what I could do with it myself and a little help for photoshop :). Right now I am still experimenting, but really like the pictures taken so far.

Lilith wearing the set AvaTaking snapshots in second life and post processing them is fun, but the real fun starts when you post your images on Flickr in order to share your creations with others. I can spend hours clicking through fascinating collections and great artwork. It is cool to see people like your work too. To the right you see a picture of Lilith Lunardi, taken by herself, while wearing the Ava set she bought from me! Designing these sets is fun, people buying you creations is cool... A picture taken by a satisfied costumer is very, very cool!

Latex shine


Ellen wearing one of my (still) nameless latex outfitsI have created some designs up until now that have not been finished. some of these designs are intended as latex outfits. Only thing I need right now is a good template of the latex-shine. I'm working on that, but it is nowhere near finished. In SL I came acros Nyoko's bodyoil which can be worn on your body, or even over your clothes. They give your avi this body oil shine. This 'oil' combined with one of the outfits I created earlier, makes look a bit more like I intended it to look...

New item, not finished


no title yet :)Just updated a new piece. It still needs some work, maybe a few extra textures... On the other hand, I like it like this, clean and sharp :) I'll see...

OnRez new SL-viewer


OnRez SL-viewerOnRez is planning to release a new Second Life viewer this week! According to the OnRez blog, this viewer will have a better user's experience, it will have a built in suite for OnRez services, give the user a better navigation in-world and will house an internal web browser.

This is good news for those who finds the current SL-viewer difficult to use. If this viewer delivers the same quality as the OnRez website is doing, this might be a potential hit for both SL-users, as SL merchants!