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Gina in shop


Gina - black latex shirtThe newest release is one that I created from an older design I had lying around. In the new-ideas section a purple shirt is shown. I was looking at it yesterday and tried my new latex templates on this shirt. It looked very good and so I decided to start selling it! The shirt is called Gina. Lower body textures are almost finished too (in red and black) so a complete outfit will be in store soon!

In-world I had the chance to work with Lyanis Sin. She has a beautiful avatar and a wide range of outfits.. Lag ruined it a bit, but the shots I was able to make were enough to make two pictures (with vector backgrounds, like Lyanis wanted)

First latex items!


Little devil - blackYes! I think I nailed it. It took me a vacation, but I finally found out how to make items with a 'realistic' latex texture! The first test I made is already being sold through my in-world shop and onrez and slexchange. The item is a top with short sleeves, and it is available in red and black.

Little devil - redFirst I will now be creating a set of pants to go with it and then I can look into other designs.

There is certainly more to come!

Jane in shop now!


The set janeYet again, a new item can be found in my store! With the short vacation on my hands I have some time to finish items I had laying around... The new set is called Jane and comes with a set of panties and a thong. (in the set I've included a pair of stockings, these are the ones from the Tiana set.) I've created it in black for now, other colors or prints may be released in the future. set jane with a thongBefore that, there are some other items I want to finish! If I do not post again before new year: happy new year to you all!!!

Jane at

Jane at

More new sets released


First of all, merry Christmas to everybody and a happy new year! May all of you have a good year and lots of fun and good times in both real life and Second life. This brings me to some new releases! First item is the second version of the Lita set, and it is called Lita 2. It looks roughly the same, but it is different. This piece consists of two pieces: a top and a shirt. (The top of set 1 fits perfectly with the shirt of set 2!)

Then there is a second release: Ava 1.1 This too is a remake of a set which is already on sale. Ava 1.1 has the same form as Ava 1 but is completely white and this set includes gloves and and stockings too! I was surprised to see how great it looks (on Ellen..) click on the image to the right to see for yourself!

Ava 1.1 - white and Ava 2.1 blackA third release is a combination set of both the black and white Ava sets. As always, all sets are available in-world and at and I really don't know if other colors of these sets are wanted.. If so, let me know!

DreamAs for the rest... I've been experimenting with photoshop some more to improve my skills( see the image on the right). With Christmas and new year coming up, I have some free time on my hands at last. If you like my images, keep track of my Flickr page and who knows a new set will be released very soon!

Mature content


As I was updating my SLexchange and Onrez pages with the newest adition to the Ava product line I noticed that the original Ava (red) and Ava 2.0 (blue) were marked as mature content. (This was done on the SLechange website). This came as a surprise, because I was not notified bij SLexchange. I can imagine that some folks find the content of these two items a bit too 'naked' (while they do cover all naked bits :)) so.... so be it. You can still find the items behind the 'unsencored' filter.

Only thing that kind of bugs me is the mature content filter on the onrez website which which seems to be turned off after a few clicks (and which has to be re-ebabled again). This becomes tiresome very quickly... Sales dropped to a zero after the items were placed behind the filter. Now I know why...

A week ago I bought a pair of Cleric 2.0 guns at SLexchange. I checked other guns for sale too, off course these items do not have to be placed behind a filter...

Other news is that I finished a new item. Well it is not really new, it is the Ava 2.0 set in the color black. Gloves and stockings are included in the set as well and the set is called Ava 2.1 (surprisingly)

One more other thing.. A few links of items to Onrez seemed to be broken and have been fixed. If you happen to find a broken link on this website, let me know!