New Releases: Wilo & Erinyes


Bianka here, with two new items available to buy right now.

• Wilo •

A double-header of straps and O-rings holding the whole ensemble together for you: this can be worn either as a gusset-flossing body or an (almost) full body suit.

The bottoms come in the choice of an ultra-high cut thong or a belt-trimmed pair of pants. Both alternatives come in open or closed versions.

Furthermore, the upper half comes in three styles: Long-Sleeved, Short-Sleeved or Sleeveless/Halter neck; all of which combine with the lower layers perfectly.

As with all our outfits, this one comes with matching (fingerless) gloves and thigh-high stockings and all clothing layers are included.

• Erinyes •

A long strapless body, with built-in garters, divided between basic black and the colour of your choice. The top can be worn as a simple bra-like top or as a corset - both of which come in open or closed variants.

The garterset is exactly what it sounds like - a girdle with trailing garters, that can be worn by itself, which meet-up perfectly with the included stockings.

You also get two pairs of matching panties - one open and one closed.

All this is topped off by the obligatory gloves as well as five different styles in the tattoo layer.

One last note: after consulting the survey results, this release incorporates one of the things you asked for the most: more colours. To start with, we give you Blue; which will be a permanent addition to the Hugo's Design signature colours from now on. Hope you like it.

The new outfits are available from:

In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace