First items released

My first plan was to make all items and release them all at the same time. This, however, could take some time, especially with a very busy rl... So I altered my plan a little and decided to start selling finished items. Ava 3.0The first items are online! First was Ava 3.0 which has been lying around from the time I designed the first Ava set (that is more then half a year now). Well, it is for sale, finally! All items are for sale in-world and on slexchange and onrez. Ava 3.0 is marked as 'adult content on sl-exchange, so enable mature content if you go shop there! Demi - blueOther items which are already in shop is the shirt called 'Demi' and it is available in three colors (there may come a fourth one...) The shirt comes in a set with a pair of matching panties. I also designed a standard vendor lay-out of which only the colors will be different for types of clothing. pricing and permissions Until now, all items I released were 'copy'. I will change this into 'transfer' for all items and 'modify' for specific items (and I will also include this information on the vendor lay-out). Prices have been very low until now, and they will go up a little. Simple latex shirts will start at a price of L$ 245,- and for shirts or corsets with a lot of detail (belts, straps) it will go up to L$ 345,- A latex bodysuit in one color (top, bottom, gloves, stockings) will come at 295,- Complete outfits will start at L$ 495,- and will go up to L$ 895,- I will also release combination packages like the Ava 1.0 white set in combination with a colored latex bodysuit. landmark to the shop Since the shop is (still) situated in a skybox, a direct SLurl won't work. I will therefore create a tp-unit on the ground under the shop and post the SLurl to that on the website!

LM of our shop changed

Yes, is has... agian... Happy because we are now at a better spot. But on the other hand, the SL-url keeps changing so people visiting this site end up at an old location because I (yes.. all my fault) keep forgetting to change the SL-url. Well, it has been updated! Happy shopping eveyone :)

Updates and setbacks...

The Hugo and vanDornan shop ground floorI bought a new plot! woohoo! The studio has it's own space now and the shop has two floors. On the top floor you can find Truus' products and 'downstairs' you can find my items. Minor drawback was fact that the shop and studio are built at 700 meters height... apparently a SLurl on this website will not bring you there... It will tp you to the ground below the shop. I think I'll build a tp unit on the ground to the shop. The lm to my studio in my profile will not bring you to my studio, but below it.. don't know why, i'll look into it... The Hugo and vanDornan shop level 1Then.. the shop at Willow has been closed. Through this blog I would like to thank Eve for all his work and effort he put into it! The shops in which you can now buy our items are the main shop at tintafel and the shop at Lionheart (at this shop you can find an lm for the main shop which works!) Then some news about this website. I finally have the model page up and running. For now only Ellen is on there, but others will soon follow... These will be persons who have posed for me for clothing (the sale signs which you can also find on this site) or just for fun. In their portfolio you can find the (special) pictures I've taken and some extra information.

shop at Nedben

The shop at Nedben is currently being rebuilt by the land owner. I don't know when we can reopen our doors at that location. Until then you can always go to alternate locations to buy our products!

All set!

After a few days of configuring this blog (not finished yet) it is time to post a bit more serious message here. I haven't been in-world much lately due to RL things that take up most of my time. Same reason goes for the creation of new ideas or sets... This will be the case for the comming weeks too. Then there is this website which is getting along quite nicely. Design is still not completely finished, and I have to see if the way the menu is structured will work out for me. The section 'new ideas' will disappear in time... I will post them here! Ellen picture 1The section 'models' still needs some thinking too.. The main idea behind this is that occasionally I will have an avatar (not Ellen) show a set. The model/avatar then gets her section in 'models' which can be seen as a (little) portfolio with (some) information and extra images attached to it. This way someone who is interested in modeling will have an online portfolio and I will have a list of avatars to show the sets I create. I'm still looking into the format of that section... Together with Truus I have rented shops in-world in which my creations up until now can be found. More about that in next posts!