First items released

My first plan was to make all items and release them all at the same time. This, however, could take some time, especially with a very busy rl... So I altered my plan a little and decided to start selling finished items. Ava 3.0The first items are online! First was Ava 3.0 which has been lying around from the time I designed the first Ava set (that is more then half a year now). Well, it is for sale, finally! All items are for sale in-world and on slexchange and onrez. Ava 3.0 is marked as 'adult content on sl-exchange, so enable mature content if you go shop there! Demi - blueOther items which are already in shop is the shirt called 'Demi' and it is available in three colors (there may come a fourth one...) The shirt comes in a set with a pair of matching panties. I also designed a standard vendor lay-out of which only the colors will be different for types of clothing. pricing and permissions Until now, all items I released were 'copy'. I will change this into 'transfer' for all items and 'modify' for specific items (and I will also include this information on the vendor lay-out). Prices have been very low until now, and they will go up a little. Simple latex shirts will start at a price of L$ 245,- and for shirts or corsets with a lot of detail (belts, straps) it will go up to L$ 345,- A latex bodysuit in one color (top, bottom, gloves, stockings) will come at 295,- Complete outfits will start at L$ 495,- and will go up to L$ 895,- I will also release combination packages like the Ava 1.0 white set in combination with a colored latex bodysuit. landmark to the shop Since the shop is (still) situated in a skybox, a direct SLurl won't work. I will therefore create a tp-unit on the ground under the shop and post the SLurl to that on the website!