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Website updates

As you may have noticed on the website, I haven't updated it lately. I'm currently looking at a way to incorporate some kind of tool to easilly update the items in the collection, and I have found it: Drupal CMS. It will however take me some time to figure it out completely, especially the graphic design of the system... And for the rest of the website... I noticed that some people somehow look over the main menu, and others who use it, look over the sub menu's.... A redesign will need to be made somewhere in the near future. SparkOne more new item has been released: Spark (why use only female names, I figured... ) This is the first complete outfit with a shirt and a pair of pants (and a lovely pair of panties haha..) The set has a 'Trinity - Matrix' kind of look... I hope to get some more stuff done this weekend... We'll see :)

First items released

My first plan was to make all items and release them all at the same time. This, however, could take some time, especially with a very busy rl... So I altered my plan a little and decided to start selling finished items. Ava 3.0The first items are online! First was Ava 3.0 which has been lying around from the time I designed the first Ava set (that is more then half a year now). Well, it is for sale, finally! All items are for sale in-world and on slexchange and onrez. Ava 3.0 is marked as 'adult content on sl-exchange, so enable mature content if you go shop there! Demi - blueOther items which are already in shop is the shirt called 'Demi' and it is available in three colors (there may come a fourth one...) The shirt comes in a set with a pair of matching panties. I also designed a standard vendor lay-out of which only the colors will be different for types of clothing. pricing and permissions Until now, all items I released were 'copy'. I will change this into 'transfer' for all items and 'modify' for specific items (and I will also include this information on the vendor lay-out). Prices have been very low until now, and they will go up a little. Simple latex shirts will start at a price of L$ 245,- and for shirts or corsets with a lot of detail (belts, straps) it will go up to L$ 345,- A latex bodysuit in one color (top, bottom, gloves, stockings) will come at 295,- Complete outfits will start at L$ 495,- and will go up to L$ 895,- I will also release combination packages like the Ava 1.0 white set in combination with a colored latex bodysuit. landmark to the shop Since the shop is (still) situated in a skybox, a direct SLurl won't work. I will therefore create a tp-unit on the ground under the shop and post the SLurl to that on the website!

Shiny progress

Ellen in latexIt has been a while since my last post, and that is for a good reason. My rl webdesign agency is doing very well! We are happy and our clients are too! This, on the other side, limits the time I can work on the new 'shiny' collection... I have been walking around in-world to see what my competition has to offer and have grown aware of the fact that my designs are of high quality (at least, I think so lol). The designs created so far are straight forward and when I have a little more time on my hands I'll have a go at more items like the 'devil' design... Ellen in latex on a new vendor designThe plan now is to start selling the new latex outfits when I have ten or so unique designs. They may come in different colors, but I won't release each item in like twenty color variants... Next to the special outfits, I'll be selling the 'plain' latex catsuits in normal and transparent variants in more color variants... The Flickr site I've set up especially for posting pictures of my designs has had more visits than I expected! Comments are very positive and I hope to start selling the new items soon... (this still may take me some weeks...) Ava 3.0And in response to two questions I received, asking me why the Ava 3.0 (worn in combination with a totally transparent catsuit by Ava herself on the picture to the right) design was never sold and if I am planning to put it in the shop I can say this: When I was working on the design I noticed a lot of these kind of designs were already on sale. I will however put it in my shop soon.

New Flickr account

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have opened a new Flickr account where I will post all pictures regarding my clothing design's. This can be a complete new design, sketch, try-out, or shop / sale sign... This way I have one location to use as a platform for showing my designs and you will have the possibility to post comments and tell me what you (don't) like about them! See you there! Hugo's fashion at Flickr

Latex catsuit

Latex combination photo 1Ok, one more item about latex clothing and then I'll post something different again... This is not a blog latex clothing only! It was Ellen who surprised me by combining two sets: the Ava white version set and the red cat suit I am currently working on (and after that other colors will follow too). These two items looked good together and I think this will sell in-world... I don't know how I am going to market this, Ellen may get her own clothing label for these kind of outfits, the loves shiny rubber clothing! latex clothing combinationWhen I look at this, more combinations come to mind... I will soon start making complete outfits and I will also open a Flickr website where I will post only images of (new) outfits I have created.