Appliers and Mesh...


It has taken me a while to get back to my keyboard in order to write something here. It's been busy, not only in Second Life, even more so in daily life.

As I've written before, Second Life is changing rapidly since mesh is added to the mix. People are making the most beautiful clothing items and little ol' me has yet to adapt to making mesh items! Doing so has me facing some problems...

  • A rather large protion of the ppl who shop in my store is using mesh bodyparts or a total mesh body. These don't play well with mesh clothing...
  • Sheer mesh stuff doesn't work with alpha layers  
  • The 'exposing' nature of my designs in combination with latex mostly being body tight clothing... (I have been tweaking aplha layers and I have been weightpainting mesh items but I just don't succeed in creating something skin tight that looks good when the avatar moves...)

Most of these 'problems' (but not all!) can be conquered by editting and tweaking (for weeks) the set, however I don't have weeks of time to invest in a single set.... None the less I'll keep on working on mesh stuff in order to get some (basic) items out there... 

As for the mesh bodyparts and full bodies that are currently popping up left and right... I have spoken to other designers who support up to 9 different mesh body (part) brands and make separate appliers for each of them. Seeing as my sets sometimes have up to 12 different items in them I would in that case have  to create 9 (brands) x 9 (colors) x 12 (items) = 972 appliers. I'm not going to do that :) 

To cover this I recently started supporting the Omega system. Omega has created a couple of scripts one can add to their body (part(s)). When a designer makes an applier for the Omega system, he or she immediately supports all mesh body part(s) currently supported by Omega! *yay* One of the mesh bodies I really like is the one from TheMeshProject. Unfortunately... they don't support Omega (yet) so my stuff doesn't work on TMP bodies :( On the bright side... Belleza's body is supported now!

Alright... now on to updating the product page, more from me here soon!

Slink Appliers


Hey all... it's been a while, and that's all because of a really busy schedule... None the less there was a new set released last week: Ayan. Appliers for Lola's and Phat azz are available too! 

SLink logoToday or.. this weekend we'll release basic Slink appliers! This update is for solid colored stockings and gloves both in a 5 style hud. We're planning on appliers for sheer gloves and stockings as well in the near future.

Mesh stuff? Still working on that one... We really hope to get our first mesh items out as soon as possible!