Making second life clothing

Something different for a change. Why only use the blog to announce new releases? There is more to write about! Take for example questions that are asked me from time to time.... A recurring question is 'how do you make clothing?' or 'is it easy to make your own clothing on second life?' In upcomming posts I will show you how I do what I do. I hope this will make you, my readers, happy... (both of you haha).
  • The things I am going to cover will not be complete tutorials, if you want to know something about a detail I seem to have skipped, just send me an email or comment on the post!
  • My way to do things is not THE way to do it, there are a lot of techniques to design and make clothing for second life.
As always, you need the proper tools to create your own magic. I use a pen and paper, avipainter, adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop. Next to that, there is a package of body-part templates provided on the second life website which you can use to fit your clothing images on.
  • Avpainter is a very handy program which gives you an avatar in a window on which you can paint. very simple. I don't use this program all the time, only when I want to make a design which is completely new. (yes this means that a lot of clothing is created using something 'old' as a base for something new... this saves -a lot- of time.) When you are working on a design, you can also load it into avpainter to see if it works. uploading a texture to SL costs 10 L$ and it takes a lot of uploads to get everything right.... so avpainter can save you some money! It can be bought through
  • Adobe Illustrator. When a design is drawn in Avipainter, it is imported into illustrator and used as a template to draw the clean lines in. If you have another programm in which you can draw lines quickly, you can use that!
  • Adobe photoshop. I use it to finish my designs, change colors, ad details like paterns, shades... I really can't think of designing clothing without photoshop. Some people use an alternative like paintshop pro or Gimp. As a websdesigner in rl I use photoshop every day.. There is little it can't do and I cannot imagine desinging stuff without it...
Next to these tools you need a good deal of creative energy, patience and time. Designing clothing for you avatar is hard, especially in the beginning, so my advice is: 'start simple' (with a T-shirt for example) and work your way up to a detailed outfit consisting of more pieces of clothing... One of the best websites for detailed tutorials... no, the best website for tutorials is SL Natalia's blog. She has covered everything you can possibly think of in relation to designing (clothing) in second life... In upcoming posts I will cover how I start/make/finish a design... There is one more question which is asked me a lot... it is: 'How do you make these realistic latex shines?' I'm sorry but this will remain my secret ;)