Almost in the shop!

A lot has happened since I last wrote my last entry here. You may have noticed that the picture under 'latest fashion post in Flickr' is missing... This is because Flickr set my fashion account to 'restricted' which means that you need to be logged into the Flickr website to see the pictures. This is the second time my items / pictures are sencored... and in all honesty, again it is my mistake. I applied the filters too loosely. Again the only thing which got me kind of pissed is the fact that you don't get a warning before something like this happens. I would have gladly (re)set the filters myself, keeping my account open for everyone... I'll keep posting my designs there, only for my contacts to see... Then some good news: Yesterday Sunshine Kukulcan surprised me with a blogpost about my Second Life shop! How cool!! And I'm saying it for some time now, new items are on the way. I just want everything to be spot on when I start releasing all new items. New will also be notices send out with new releases. I'll be sending notices through my ow update group (let me know if you want to be on it, just send me an IM or click the 'add to group' box in my main shop! Next to my own update group, notices will be sent through the network! Soo... what will be the new latex items for the upcomming weeks? here are some.... you'll find new color versions of the basic catsuit 'Cat'. I'm starting off with a red and white one. There also will be new color versions the Solar corset (and yes you guessed right, I'll start off with a red and white one). Next to that there will be a new catsuit: 'Cat 2' this is a new sheer catsuit with- and without seams. I'm starting those with sheer black and white ones and a translucent one. Other colors will follow. There is a new corset which I called 'Solar 2' for now... not sure about that name yet. Ava 4 (see previous post) will finally come (combined with a pair of chaps, possibly the kinkiest release so far.. hehe). And there will be more shirts and outfits.. here are some first look pictures (sometimes combining the unfinished sets):

Solar 2 combined with Cat and Cat 2