Red devil

Red devilYou saw the shirt, and now the rest of the outfit is almost finished. The set is called 'Red devil' and it includes the 'little devil' red shirt. The outfit was originally designed for the picture you see here, worn by the lovely Kucinta Moody. It will soon be for sale, the first lingerie kind of outfit based on the latex templates I mentioned earlier on this blog. I have not decided yet if to include a bra too... I think I will :) to make it more complete... More items are lined up to be released, I hope to have some time on my hands to do so!

Jane in shop now!

The set janeYet again, a new item can be found in my store! With the short vacation on my hands I have some time to finish items I had laying around... The new set is called Jane and comes with a set of panties and a thong. (in the set I've included a pair of stockings, these are the ones from the Tiana set.) I've created it in black for now, other colors or prints may be released in the future. set jane with a thongBefore that, there are some other items I want to finish! If I do not post again before new year: happy new year to you all!!! Jane at Jane at

New item: Lita 1.0

Sexy Ellen wearing the set LitaYesterday I finished one of the pieces which I have created a long time ago. This black colored set is called Lita and it is the first non-lingerie set I've created. (except for the Ava classic pieces..) Again, it is an aquired taste and you'll like it or you don't :) Comments so far have been really positive... I will probably make a color variant of this piece since the original design was in the color red. The black version can be bought in-world and on SL Marketplace.

Busy times

Arg... wrote an item and yes...... forgot to save before leaving my computer alone for an hour of two... Windows update came along and rebooted my pc... yay! Ok.. here is an abstract from that post: I'm busy in rl, I want o make clothing, I went to a party.... nah.. that is no fun to read... :) Oh well.. here goes again. I've been on the road for my rl company and so there has been little time left to be doing something in or with second life... I posted a lot of pictures on Flickr (for me it was a lot...) but right now there is simply no time to work on that.. I have some really cool ideas in mind, but they will require a lot time before they are realized. I also have some new idea's for clothing but they too have to wait untill I've got more time and energy! I want to finish the items in the ideas section soon and a jacket, dress and male clothing are on my also on my wanted list! Yesterday I did something which I hadn't done for a long time: I went to a party in SL. It was a garden party with good music. Suze invited me and when I was there I also met the lovely Nur Moo who's original pictures I like very much. All in all, I had a very nice evening! Oh.. I am looking for a new skin too.. something different again... I've got my skin for a year now an I guess there is a lot of new skins to choose from. I already went to RaC, they have the best I've seen so far... I you read this and know a good addres, let me know! And another funny thing is the post about latex clothing on this blog. I noticed that it is indexed into searching engines and so when someone googles on 'wearing latex' they find a picture of 'Ellen wearing latex' among the results lol. So: welcome all latex lovers! (or should I say: Welcome all virtual latex lovers!)...

Latex shine

Ellen wearing one of my (still) nameless latex outfitsI have created some designs up until now that have not been finished. some of these designs are intended as latex outfits. Only thing I need right now is a good template of the latex-shine. I'm working on that, but it is nowhere near finished. In SL I came acros Nyoko's bodyoil which can be worn on your body, or even over your clothes. They give your avi this body oil shine. This 'oil' combined with one of the outfits I created earlier, makes look a bit more like I intended it to look...

New item, not finished

no title yet :)Just updated a new piece. It still needs some work, maybe a few extra textures... On the other hand, I like it like this, clean and sharp :) I'll see...

Blog online!

Hello all! This is a test for the new Wordpress software... This blog will be an addition to the hugo and vandornan website.

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