Progress on the website

Slowly things are coming together. This is the new website design. It isn't completely finished, I will continue to work on it in the upcoming weeks... The old website is now completely offline... The product pages in the old website will return soon, in this new lay-out. The menu on the right is very empty now, it will be filled soon. Two main items you will be sure to see soon are 'photography' and something like 'fashion'. The first one for my Flickr photography and I will put the models section back here too. The fashion part of the website will show all my items witch are for sale with links to slexchange and onrez. For those who like to know how all works... The blog is powered by wordpress which I built my own theme for. The rest of the website will be powered by Drupal. This is done because the blog was allready built in wordpress, and I didn't want to move all content. Drupal on the other hand, is better suited to handle the product catalogue you will see here in the near future... Clothing news? There is some... New corsets are on the way, some new shirts and I'm working an lots more :) Subscribe to my blog and you'll know when you can stop by at my shop!

Changing the website

Yes, things are going to change around here.. two weeks ago Truus and I decided to stop working as business partners in-world. We have built up our business together, renting shops and selling our products there. Since we are both busy in rl and since my product range shifted from lingerie and clothing to lingerie, clothing and the fetishy latex designs, the combination of our products became a bit odd. So we are going our separate ways, still as good friends! Truus now decided to sell only through and She may open a little shop in-world again, and when she does, you will read it here. So... what is going to happen to this website? Well... I am going to change it... I want to think up a new name for my business. Hugo's design is a nice name, but I think I want to have something a bit more unique and catchy. Next to a new name, the site itself will change too, a nice new design and i'll move the blog to the front page. Next to the blog the other two main elements will be the products catalogue and the models page. The content of this blog will change too... i'll still post my new releases here. Next to those, I would like to share with you the lessons I have learned so far and am still learning as a content creator and seller in-world and sl-photographer. More than enough to write about! That is a lot of things to do, and since I run my own company in rl, I will have to see what I can do and when... Exciting times! I also would like to thank Ryker Beck for her super review of my clothing on her blog. (A bit late... I know..) She is (re)opening her shop on the 1st of March to start selling a complete new range of products. Check her blog to read all about it!

All set!

After a few days of configuring this blog (not finished yet) it is time to post a bit more serious message here. I haven't been in-world much lately due to RL things that take up most of my time. Same reason goes for the creation of new ideas or sets... This will be the case for the comming weeks too. Then there is this website which is getting along quite nicely. Design is still not completely finished, and I have to see if the way the menu is structured will work out for me. The section 'new ideas' will disappear in time... I will post them here! Ellen picture 1The section 'models' still needs some thinking too.. The main idea behind this is that occasionally I will have an avatar (not Ellen) show a set. The model/avatar then gets her section in 'models' which can be seen as a (little) portfolio with (some) information and extra images attached to it. This way someone who is interested in modeling will have an online portfolio and I will have a list of avatars to show the sets I create. I'm still looking into the format of that section... Together with Truus I have rented shops in-world in which my creations up until now can be found. More about that in next posts!