New Releases: Catch-Up Time

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I know we've been a bit lax with news of our latest releases lately, so let's get straight to it, shall we? Elements Top More sweet simplicty from our Elements range. This top comes in a choice of long-sleeve or halter-neck sleeveless. But that's not all! Both long-sleeve and sleeveless version comes in both fully-fronted or peephole cleavage-y cut-out.

Elements Suit

The second addition to our Elements range - the basic requirements for any latex wardrobe at a very affordable price. This time, we give you a full-body latex halter-neck suit, available in all our 9 signature colours. Two versions are included: - Sleeveless, Backless Halter-Neck - Underbust/Open One is a timeless classic whereas the other is for those timeless naughty moments.

Justi This set has a dizzying choice of options: - Full Suit - Body - Sheer Latex in the colour of your choice - Black sheer latex alternative included - Open or closed bottoms - With or without garter-belt - Gloves & stockings in 2 colours In total, this set includes 40 different clothing items, 12 of them V2 Tattoo layers combining all the assorted variations in all-in-ones. All items come in all clothing layers, too.

•  Nix 2  •

The Nix 2 is a high-cut, short-sleeved latex-coated fishnet body with perforated seams around the breasts and crotch and solid latex trim around the edges. Top and bottom come with both open and closed versions as well as matching stockings, gloves & pasties and no less than SIX tattoo layer all-in-one combinations.

 Aory This set features an explosion of rivetted and hooped rubber straps all over the front but still manages to, somehow, be both high-cut over the hips and high-necked while the back takes a very minimalist approach with lots of bare, exposed flesh on display. You get two versions included in the set: open and closed breasts, although we've also given you a set of pasties if you don't want to be too risque with the open one. Equally, the gloves & stockings are detailed with matching strapped hems. It comes in all clothing layers as well as All-In-One Tattoo combos.

You can find this, as well as all our other outfits at both our In-World Main Store and on SL Marketplace.

(just click on a link to be whisked-away to the one you prefer and remember to log-in and activate the Adult/Mature option so you can see our entire collection!)