New Release: Ula

Ula Who needs the Olympics when you have another gold medal-winning design from Mr H? So many straps criss-crossing all over; it looks very busy but is still a simple, seriously BDSM must-have, all fastened together with buckles and hoops. Two versions are included - open or closed over the boobs. Well, when we say "closed", we actually mean there's a single solitary latex strap running up over each tit with a handy buckle conveniently placed to, hopefully, cover your nips. Further down, you get a pair of options again, with the bottom coming with or without a fitted garter-belt. Because we can't do it any other way, each set comes with matching gloves, stockings and pasties and can be worn on all clothing layers.

You can find this, as well as all our other outfits at both our In-World Main Store and on SL Marketplace.

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