So Much New Stuff!

Hiya. Yes, I know it's been way too bloody long since our last post, sorry, but, as you'll see below, we've been a little busy making and releasing lots and lots of lovely new latex. Introducing... • Hugo's Design Elements • Ever seen one part of an outfit but not fancied shelling-out for the whole thing just to get that single item? We have the answer! A new, on-going range, comprising the basic elements (geddit?) that no self-respecting latex lover can live without. Plain and simple, with a rock-bottom price to match. • Chaps - which come with an open butt, as to be expected, but also includes belted and belt-free versions.

  • Pants - Belt or no belt, the perfect addition to any outfit, fetish or vanilla.

  • Body - A high-cut, halter-neck style latex body - the perfect base to mix and match with our other designs or perhaps the finishing touch to your own unique combination.

  • Bikini - Does exactly what it says on the tin: a string latex bikini with full cup bra and tiny thong panties. It's even available as an all-on-one Tattoo Layer.

Keep an eye out for more Elements outfits - these four are only the first of what could become a much bigger range.   Meanwhile, in other news... • Kela • Is this a body or a suit? Either way, it's harness-styled, linked by large O-rings and incorporates two different styles: - a high-cut, stand-alone body - a fuller body featuring built-in garter-set The Kela comes with both open and closed versions included as well as matching gloves, stockings and complete tattoo-layer all-in-ones.

  • Leva • Sheer with solid or solid with sheer? Doesn't really matter but what you have here includes two versions of the Leva, open or closed, all built around a full-body, open-panel sheer suit - two openings in front and two in the rear, all trimmed in fine, solid latex. You even get the choice of whether you want to compliment or contrast since the set includes two styles of gloves & stockings: solid or, yep, you guessed it, sheer, both of which are modifiable so you can make them as long or short as you prefer.

All our outfits are available from: In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace