2012 - What a way to start a New Year!

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all that. Why are we so late with this? Well, that'll become apparent the further down you read. Where to begin? A New Year. A New Store. A whole new chapter for Hugo's Design! Yeah, you read that right: we have a new store! But don't panic...all the current LMs littering your Inventory will still work and drop you off smack bang in the middle of our newness. And, because we simply couldn't open a new store without some kind of celebration, we've been busying ourselves with a week's worth of Buy-One-Get-One-Free sales and we're currently having our very first hunt, which we've extended for a second week due to popular demand so you'll still be able to spend hours getting more and more frustrated trying to find all the devilish places the items are hidden. But to the other HUGE part of the New 2012 - almost an entire store's-worth of newly released outfits AND freebies. I'll let the pictures do the talking just to save you having to wade through the equivalent of "War and Peace". Enjoy! •  Net Bikini  •

 •  Net Cat 2012  •

 •  Ursa Suit  •

 •  Ursa Body  •

 •  Ursa Corset  •

 •  Xyx Body 4  •

 •  Xyx Corset  •

•  Nanda  •

•  Zee  •

And last (do we even do a least?), making it's 2012 debut is our new FREEBIE!


As with all out new outfits, it's available in all 9 of our signature colours.

All our outfits are available from: In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace