New Releases: Xyx - Body & Corset

Bianka, the Bringer of the Good and the New returns with more New Goodness and Good Newness. • Xyx Body

Small and sweet, the Xyx Body is another too-small-to-be-decent outfit comprising a very high-cut body which comes in two styles: Halter-Neck and Strapless. Black latex, edged with fine coloured trim and seams, held in one place by buckles, O-rings and straps. The Strapless version features a belly cut-out whilst the Halter-Neck one is solid in front but wide-open round the back. And just complicate things even more, both Strapless and Halter-Neck types can be worn either open or closed; on gusset and bosoms. Last, but absolutely not least, we give you a new element to our outfits. Both Xyx Body and Xyx Corset have a new Face-Mask thrown-in just for the fun of it. This masquerade-style mask is made from black latex and also has the coloured trim, co-ordinating it with the rest of the outfit. (Unfortunately, because of the nature of SL, the mask can only be worn as a tattoo layer.) Because we'd never leave you with an incomplete package, this item comes with matching gloves, stockings and NINE different Viewer 2.0 tattoo layers. • Xyx Corset

Next off the production line is a nifty little corset, plus a little more. Besides the lovely, waist-cinching corset, there's also a bra-top included. Both can be worn on their own or together and combine perfectly with the set's g-string panties. Corset, bra-top and panties come in open or closed options. You also have the matching gloves & stockings to play with. Finally, as with the Xyx Body, you get the Xyx Face-Mask as well. And, in case the above pictures weren't enough of a clue, this release sees the introduction of the final stage of our expansion of the Hugo's Design Signature Colour Range. From now on, all releases will come in the following choices:
  • Hard Pink
  • Baby Pink
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
At this rate, we'll be needing a new, bigger store to fit them all in.  Hmm. That gives me an idea... Both Xyx releases are available from the usual places:  In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace*
* You might have to log-in to Marketplace and activate your Powers of Adulthood in order to see these.  For some very strange reason, LL apparently believe the word "Xyx" should only be read by grown-ups. No, I don't understand it (or them) either, sorry.