Slow times?

Slow.. or so it seems! At this moment my Flickr-account still shows the design I posted there two months ago and the store hasn't been updated for a month... sure, i've added a snap of Ellen, Bianka and Alex having some poseball fun and from time to time I was talking to some visitors in one of my shops... but... What is mr. Hugo doing? Well then.. maybe it is time for some more pictures from my new store which is slowly progressing towards opening to the public! I'm happy to tell that work on new items has started too. Note that these items will be available when the new store opens... When that will be? I hope soon ;) Before that the new stuff will be published again on my trusted Flickr stream! See you all soon I hope!!

Hugo\'s new store 01 Hugo\'s new store 02

Hugo\'s new store 03 Hugo\'s new store 04

So.. Slow times? I don't think so... Take care! In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace