New store!

Yay! Hi there latex friends! Yes, I'm still alive in good health! It has been silent around here... and with a reason (apart from a bloody busy rl..). As some of you may know already, I recently bought an island together with Tillie. On this island we will both build our own new store and more. Here is a sneak peek of my store! As you can see, the store isn't in a sky box anymore!

The build of the new sotre in progress

As you can see the store itself still is a bit grey... I guess I'm almost ready to start editing the interior! I don't know when the store is going to be open to the public. In the mean while, work on new latex has started, but as you can probably guess, creating this new latex isn't done at light speed. I hope to post some images of my new designs on my Flickr stream! I'll promise to post more frequently from now on ;) Take care and see you soon! In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace