Latexless week

Hi everyone! Just a quick message from me telling you I'm out of town a.t.m. I'm in Hugary right now writing this message from my hotel lobby in the lovely sunny, clean and pitoresque village called Szeged. I'll be here during this week for a conference. This will be a latexless week for me ;) (I'll manage...) I hope to start Hugo's next week of releases next week! Apart from that I'm currently working on items and releasing more than one set at once every time. Sometimes it takes a while before a new set that is announced is actually released... I'm thinking about changing that. Release notices will still be the same. But I think I'll be releasing new items more often so you don't have to wait so long :) that is it for now, I'm going to explore Szeged some more before the conference starts! Cheers!