Latex in Second Life

As a clothing designer I am making latex items for some time now and if you know my work, you now know that I like to expiriment in materials and in different types of outfits. The very first items I made were non-latex lingerie items (the Thess and Suze sets). They didn't sell very well, but making them I learned the most stuff I still use to make designs. The items I make now vary from fetishy and bdsm outfits like the new (yet to be released) Expo 3.0 outfit to the cheerful summer style minidress (which isn't released either hehe) to the lace / latex combinations in stylish lingerie items like the Ilya and Vox series.

The latex bdsm suit Expo 3.0 Full lingerie set Vox, latex and lace combined Ava wearing a latex mini dress

I love to do it all, not only because there is an infinte number of possibilities and ideas for new sets. I also love to show ppl that latex items can be more than only fetish, or only bdsm (only to be worn in the bdsm-dungeon). A lot of people who never thought they would be wearing latex left my store with one or more items which they wear to a party or during a more private moment with their lover(s). For all you latex enthousiasts (even if wearing latex is not a complete lifestyle for you), there is the SL-Latex group in Second life. Feel free to join and meet fellow latex minded people, models, photographers and more to talk to, exchange landmarks and links etc...! If you are on Flickr and you have nice Second Life and latex related pictures, post them in the SL-latex group! Me and Ellen hope to see you in upcoming events in Second Life and we'll be seeing your pictures on Flickr!