New latex is coming!

As you all know (or not know) It has been a bussy time for me... Last weekend I finally managed to pull away from my busy rl and focus on some new designs (so in other words, go from a busy rl to an even bussier sl ;)) I'm lucky sl (and creating content for sl) is still a great hobby for me! The new stuff then which can soon be found in my store, here are some pictures (for those active on Flickr these may not be a surprise...)

Hugos design - Viktoria Hugos design - Ilya 3 Hugos design - Expo Light

Hugos design - Liv Hugos design - Vox

The first one is Viktoria, mentioned in my previous post. Next to that is a third addition to the Ilya family (so it's name will probably be Ilya 3). Next to that one is an already very popular suit called Expo Light. It is some sort of inverse body which is great when combined with other items like the bikiniset or the sheer catsuit. I am thinking about making a baked version of the sheer catsuit / Expo combination for those who  only want to wear it like that... Then there is the new freebie or dollarbie set, a nice latex shirt with panties in three colors for only 1 L$! (My name is in the print on the shirt ;)). The last set is a 'basic' lingerie set Hugo style. It has all the parts: bra, pabties, garters, gloves, stockings and a corset. There will be more color combinations! this set also looks great when combined with Expo light!

I'm currently thinking about keeping my stuff on SLexchange and Onrez... It's a lot of extra work and sales aren't that great. Another thing that bugs me is that ppl sometimes give a really low rating to one of the sets on there. I can't see why they did it and when these ppl do not contact me, there is nothing I can do to help out a dissapointed costumer. All that remains is a low rated product which will probably sell worse... So I lay down my question before you! What do you think about this? Do you use these websites, and should I be on there?

The new outfits are available from: In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace