Latex releases this week

Last thursday I started 'Hugo's week of releases'. And I've since been releasig new items! I started out with the Viktoria set and the Expo light set. After that the first Vox set (black / white) was released this weekend and today Expo 2 will hit the store! I will continue releasing new stuff until thursday. On thursday a Fashcon notice will go out. Itmes that are yet to come are new Vox sets, Expo 2 and I hope to get Ilya 3 ready then too. Here are the first pictures of two Vox special editions and Expo 2.

Vox special - white / red lace Vox special - red lace Expo 2 - black straps suit

So.. Why a week of releases? Well that is simple actually. It allows me to package each item at the time and make sure it's perfect before I actually hang it in the store. Group members were / are notified at the start of the week of releases and so they have the advantage of owning the new sets before the fashcon notice gets out! See you at the store!! The new outfits are available from: In-World Main Store and SL Marketplace