To people who come to me with questions about blogging I always preach tell that most important is... above all... what you should absolutely do is have continuity. Write an item once a week, or you will loose the people that stop by regularly to see what you are up to. Write! No matter how busy you are....... Well... I'm kind of breaking my own iron rule here since the last post is from somewhere last month. I really didn't sit still, so here is a little update. I'm at work now so no pictures at hand a.t.m. Two weeks ago I did another fashcon / group release of new items and reactions and sales have been really great. Thank you all for the great support and nice IM's and reactions! I'm going to pick up photography again and opened yet a third Flickr stream... this one will be restricted from the start. The images up there will be sl-photo expiriments in- and exploration of the latex fetish area with Latexia and Ellen as my main models. No real heavy stuff... however, a lot of latex and some nudity can be expected... When all is set, i'll place the link to this stream here. New plans for this blog/website are small: apart from putting the new items into my fashion database I will create model pages for the beauties that model for me so you know who is who... Next to that I really hope to find some time to make new latex sets! My main addiction needs that fix(!!!) More news soon ;)