Fashcon and new items

It has been a busy week! Not only did a number of new items end up in the shop, I sent out the first group-notice in the Hugo's design group. I also sent out my first Fashcon notice. For those of you who don't know what Fashcon is, look at the website. In short it is a large network for fashion addicts and designers. Designers can post an update once a week. This is for all kind of fashion, so not only fetish stuff like most of my items... New notices are on the way! I have been working on my website some more recently. All is working the way I want it to, now all I need is to make the fashion section look good... you can browse my items by outfit type. All items have full information included and a link to SLexchange and Onrez so you can buy them there if you like. Only thing that still needs to be enabled is the 'related items'. More about that in an upcoming post. New items that actually have been released in the store are:
  • the luxon corset, black / red
  • the luxon corset, black / white
  • the luxon corset, black / red - Cat black combination
  • the luxon corset, black / white - Cat black combination
  • Cat 2 black 70 percent sheer catsuit with and without seams
  • Cat 2 black 20 percent sheer catsuit with and without seams
  • Shirt - Funk in six colors
Next to these items I was able to add three new items yesterday too ( a notice will be sent out today or tomorrow)
  • Solar corset - white
  • Cat white, white latex catsuit
  • Solar white / Cat white combination
One item I didn't manage to get into the shop is the purple version of the Solar corset. That will probably happen tonight. Here are all Vendor posters so you can see the items a bit better... The Solar white etc... pictures will follow later...

Luxon black / white - Cat blackLuxon black / whiteLuxon black / red - Cat black

Luxon black / redCat 2 black 70 percent sheerCat 2 black 20 percent sheer

Shirt - Funk (lime)