Real Life

looking at my site I noticed it has been a while since I posted something here. As my friends in-world already know, rl has consumed me almost completely at the moment. I still have images for my photo Flickr stream waiting for me to edit them and post them... And I still have a list of clothing items I want to put in store. I hope to get to those things soon! And for the photo's. I won't take on projects anymore. The time that people have to wait until I finish something is simply too long. Then there is Second Life itself... The grid and the in-world services that seem to be very unreliable.  Somehow it amazes me that so many people still come back to second life (me included). For some SL offers the possibility be creative (like me) or even make dreams come true. On the other hand... If lets say my newspaper had some pages missing almost every day, I would stop my subscription within a week, even if there would be no other newspaper available. Don't worry that I'll stop designing... I'm just getting really fed up with the fact that Linden labs seems to be unable to provide a stable grid and services for weeks now.