New items and pictures

Yey! I finally managed to finish a picture / photo which I had sitting on my desktop for a very long time. I had an idea for a multi-mirror shot and Zaza Moo was my model. Constructing the image appeared to be somewhat difficult and right now my rl company is doing really well, so little time is left for projects as these. You can always come to me for model shots, but right now I am not taking on new projects other than the ones I initiate myself. (If you want model shots, you can contact Tillie Ariantho. She is a very talented model and photographer.) Ellen wearing Ava 4.0 over a 10 precent sheer catsuit with seamsAs for my second job... *grin* IM messages have been sent to me, asking me when new stuff is finally going to be available. It is coming, and I hope I can get all that I want to make in store soon. There are many items which are (almost) finished (see the picture of Ellen for example, wearing Ava 4.0 over a brand new 10 percent sheer catsuit (Cat 2) with seams). My head is filled with new ideas and the base of all latex outfits has been recreated and somewhat perfected this weekend. Now all I need is time and creative energy to make all the new sets... and more important, get them into the shop!